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Engineering, Procurement, Construction & Management

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Supporting 100% local economy

EPCM Consulting Engineers

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About EPCM Consulting Engineers

EPCM Consulting Engineers operates as a pan-african engineering consulting firm, offering on-demand professional engineering assistance, project management and supply chain finance services to support global mining companies and their local contractors foster the development of the local economy.

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100% Local Economy

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The mining sector witnesses a recurring loss of 5 to 10 billions of dollars in revenue each year, mainly due to a huge shortage of certain in-house expertise among many of their local contractors.

Furthermore, these contractors face significant obstacles when attempting to secure funding from their local banks, which oftentimes enforce unreasonably high collateral demands.

Mining Sector Challenge

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What We Do

We ensure 100% service delivery

in support of the local economy


Local Contractors

Project Management Support & Advisory

Each contractor is assigned a dedicated specialist south african project manager, who coordinates with our on-demand expert advisors to provide precise professional support, ensuring timely

and budget-friendly project execution.


100% Supply Chain Financing Brokerage

Our 100% procurement financing options are available to mining firms and their accredited contractors, alleviating financial pressure on both ends and guaranteeing timely service delivery.


Independant Vendors & Logistics due diligence

Our independent vendor and logistics company verification process guarantees that the vendors and logistics firms chosen by the contractor meet the required specifications to fulfill the mining company's demands.

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Our mission

Our mission centers on fostering the local African economy, reversing the annual loss of billions of dollars to foreign contractors.

We achieve this by facilitating local mining service providers' access to qualified professional resources and the working capital necessary for their sustainable growth.

100% support local economy

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Support Services

100% support local economy

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Services Benefits



Professional Support & Advisory

Affordable Interest Rate

Funding Without Collaterals.


Local Economy Growth In Line With Government Policies

High Operational Efficiency Driving

Mining Revenue Increase

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Procurment Finance

90 Days Short-Term Investment Brokerage

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Short-Term Investors Bidding

The Maisha Pesa short-term investment bidding process creates possibilities for institutional investors, brokers, and private investors to realize a potential profit of up to +10% within a 90-day period, bridging the gap from equipment purchase to its delivery at the contracted mine.

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