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Alternative Finance for Excluded African Traders

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Maisha Pesa is a South African based alternative finance fintech company that provides flexible trade finance for excluded African businesses in the supply chain sector.

Our BNPL marketplace platform offers small and medium-sized businesses across Africa a flexible funding alternative to bid for multinational procurement tenders with confidence. This helps them avoid complicated cash flow funding, bank loans, or loan sharks.

Buy Now Pay Later.

Industrial Manufacturing Plant Building

We share the risk and the reward

Team of Corporate Professionals in Office Corridor

Powered by a global network of underwriters & short-term investors

A diverse group of global investment and sales professionals bid

for short-term procurement finance deals on Maisha Pesa BNPL platform, including retail investors, fund managers, asset managers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers and logistics companies.

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Our mission

Our mission is to boost local African economies by reversing over US$100 billion procurement spending from established multinational institutions to small and medium-sized African traders through innovative alternative finance options to traditional banks.


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Industrial Manufacturing Plant Building

Funding deal comparaison

With Commercial Banks Finance

With Maisha Pesa Digital Trade Finance


Heavy collateral required

No collateral required.

Limited funding based on credit profile

Guarantee 100% procurement funding

High interest rates based on credit profile

Shared risk, share profit up to 45% based on our instant smart deal scoring.

No business / trade support

Order tracking from factory to customer warehouse with payment collection support.

Maisha Pesa BNPL

Shared Risk, Shared Profit.

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BNPL Marketplace Criteria:

Minimum +30% Gross Margin

Maisha Pesa takes financial risks only for trade opportunities with a minimum of 30%+ gross profit.

Maximum 60 Days Supplier Lead Time

Our target is to unlock quick wins from good manufacturing, shipping and delivery to your client warehouse all within maximum 60 days.

Maximum 30 Days Customer Payment Term

Maisha Pesa platform analyzes clients payment cycles on delivery and increase funding for institutions with excellent payment plans.

How to open up a Maisha Pesa Trader's Account?

Start trading your purchase order for 100% funding online.

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Download and register through Maisha Pesa App

or at any branch office.

Upload your existing Purchase Orders online and get your client approval for pre-financing.

Start receiving offers

from Money Marketplace private investors and approve your best deal.

A Maisha Trader escrow account will be created with your current local bank to protect you and our private investors transaction.

Submission will include:

• Client Purchase Order

• Supplier Invoice

• Logistics invoice

• All customs & clearance licensing

Your client invoice will automatically be generated from the system including Maisha Pesa Trader's escrow account to protect the transaction.