Create a unique brand experience with a private radio channel that is customized for all your commercial properties using ONE+MUSIC.

Enhance your brand's audio content with ONE+MUSIC, a centralized online radio platform that allows you to produce your own entertainment content and switch between DJ's, branded audio content, and sponsor ads with ease.

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African female receptionist standing in hotel

Mesina Lodge

Dar Es Salam

Our hotel has several restaurants, bars, and event spaces, each with its own unique vibe and music needs. Before ONE+MUSIC, we were spending a lot of money on hiring different DJs and curating playlists for each location. With ONE+MUSIC, we can easily manage all of our music needs from one centralized platform. It's not only saved us money, but it's also improved the overall guest experience.

Happy Handsome Bearded Male in Sunglasses Dressed in a Black Sui

Jet Set Nightclub


Before using ONE+MUSIC, we were spending a small fortune on hiring local DJs for our nightclub. Now, with ONE+MUSIC, we have a centralized platform that not only allows us to play music across multiple locations but also create our own custom branded content. We've saved a lot of money and have more control over our entertainment offerings

Black Male Executive Standing

Mountain Restaurants Chain

Addis Ababa

Since implementing ONE+MUSIC, we've been able to significantly reduce our entertainment costs. We no longer need to hire multiple DJs for our different venues, as ONE+MUSIC allows us to connect them all and play the same music simultaneously. It's been a game-changer for our business!

ONE+MUSIC allows you to save money on hiring DJs and artists for each individual location. By streaming the same music across multiple locations, you can reduce your entertainment costs significantly.

Whether you're looking to create a branded podcast or a promotional ad, ONE+MUSIC team of experienced production professionals can help you bring your vision to life.