Create an exclusive community for your most loyal customers by providing them with exclusive access to members-only video content, training, and knowledge resources.

From health and wellness tips to personalized training and development, your employees will feel supported and engaged.

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Black female student

Thembi M.

Communication Manager

South Africa

Thanks to ONE+MOBILE, we have been able to streamline our internal communication and keep everyone informed and engaged. The app has made it easy for us to share company news, updates, and training materials with our team, and we've seen a noticeable improvement in employee morale and satisfaction as a result.

Confident male manager

Marcel M.

Loyalty Manager


ONE+MOBILE has been a game-changer for our business. By providing our most dedicated customers with exclusive access to video content, training, and knowledge resources, we've been able to foster a stronger sense of community and build greater loyalty. Our customers love the content, and we love the results.

Black Female Student

Judith U.

Marketing Manager


ONE+MOBILE has been an absolute game-changer for our bank. We've been able to use the platform to deliver a mix of corporate banking content and lifestyle content, which has kept our employees engaged and motivated. The ability to live-stream CEO announcements has also been incredibly valuable, as it has helped us to foster a culture of transparency and open communication.

ONE+MOBILE enables businesses to record hours of employee training, wellness coaching programs, and leadership announcements in a structured platform, allowing employees to watch the content on demand at their own pace, even if they missed it

With ONE+MOBILE, you can provide your employees and patrons with access to a variety of exclusive lifestyle content that can make them feel valued and appreciated