Building inclusive

education without borders

e-School Africa is a global téléducation initiative

We provide an inter-school collaboration platform giving universal access to quality education from leading private institutions to underprivileged schools across Africa funded by CSI programs, global NGO's and local governments.

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Téléducation interactive classrooms

Our Téléducation program equips under-resourced remote community schools with live and interactive virtual classrooms smart projectors to participate in real-time to classes with other scholars at a fraction of the cost.

Enabling inclusive education in Africa

Our mission is to remove all humanly possible borders restricting access to inclusive quality education across Africa

Equip community schools with téléducation classrooms facility

Satellite TV Installation

Connect schools with remote leading institutions classrooms

Maintain téléducation

network & infrastructure

Classroom in African School
TV screen. Black flat led monitor of computer or TV isolated

A program uplifting communities

School Demo

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